A Revolutionary New
Concept in In-Ear Monitors

We are a group of audiologists, engineers and musicians dedicated to providing an unparalleled personal listening experience for performing artists, studio engineers, audiophiles and anyone who loves hearing all of music’s clarity, nuance and detail.

We’re approaching in-ear monitors in a whole new way, leveraging our innovations in the medical, music, acoustic and aerospace fields to hand-craft in-ear monitor systems that are as unique as you are, tuning custom systems to your ear’s natural acoustics to offer the utmost sonic accuracy and advanced hearing protection.

We believe that a quality in-ear monitor experience should be accessible to everyone; that’s why we offer a full range of universal and custom-fit options, at competitive prices. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, we have a model for you.

Why We’re Different

Stealth Sonics is the only company leveraging innovations in medical, aerospace and audio industries to offer an unparalleled custom in-ear monitor experience.

Most people don’t know that your ear is a unique acoustic machine, with a frequency response all its own. And like fingerprints, every ear is different. That’s why we offer both universal and custom-fit in-ear monitors, for the utmost in personalization. But that’s only the beginning: At Stealth Sonics, we don’t just fit our custom IEMs to your ear, we custom-tune them to your ear’s natural acoustics, using proprietary processes we’ve adapted from our technology breakthroughs in the medical and aerospace industries.

Our IEMs are available in convenient, affordable universal-fit models or custom-tuned systems offering the ultimate in personalization. Choose from three multi-driver configurations, including balanced-armature and hybrid-drive options.





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