The Stealth Sonics Product Line

Precision Tuned In-Ear Monitors


We are a group of audiologists, engineers and musicians dedicated to providing an unparalleled personal listening experience for performing artists, studio engineers, audiophiles and anyone who loves hearing all of music’s clarity, nuance and detail.

We’re approaching in-ear monitors in a whole new way, using science that leverages our innovations in the medical, music, acoustic and aerospace fields to hand-craft in-ear monitor systems that are as unique as you are, with the ability to tune custom systems to your ear’s natural acoustics to offer the utmost sonic accuracy and advanced hearing protection.

We believe that a quality in-ear monitor experience should be accessible to everyone; that’s why we offer a full range of universal and custom-fit options, at competitive prices. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, we have a model for you.


An Accurate Reference, Always

Trust the accuracy of your listening environment with a custom in-ear monitor tuned to the acoustics of your own ear. Our balanced-armature and hybrid driver designs provide faithful sound reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum, with the flat response, fast transients and accurate imaging you expect in a studio monitor, without any of the room anomalies that can color your mix.


Hear Better, Play Better

Our IEMs let you banish the stage volume and take control of your monitor mix for a better performance, anywhere. Experience full clarity and separation without exposing your ears to unsafe sound levels, and enjoy a seamless listening experience that helps you perform consistently from clubs to arenas. Our monitors are enclosed in a space-age material that offers secure, slip-free fit, letting you wear them for extended periods ith confidence.


Unveil the Detail

With Stealth Sonics, immerse yourself in your own private soundstage with our line of IEMs designed to let you enjoy full fidelity, in full comfort. Experience all of music’s deepest pass and sparkling highs in stunning detail, while protecting your ears. Fine-tune your sonic experience with cable options, and show off your style with customizable faceplate designs.

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