Our Custom In-Ear Monitors are still available for order as we are building our website. 

An absolute seal made just for you, which translates into superb sound isolation and the most accurate sound reproduction with our In-Ear Monitors. All our Custom options gives you the power to personalise everything, from the shell materials to the aesthetic touches.

Models Available:

  • C2 | 2 Driver Hybrid IEM
  • C4 | 4 Driver Balanced IEM
    • Starting at $1066 
    • Modeled after U4 IEM
  • C9 | 9 Driver Hybrid IEM
    • Starting at $2000 
    • Modeled after U9 IEM
  • C9 Pro | 9 Driver Balanced IEM 
    • Starting at $2268 
    • Only available upon request (Delayed Official Release due to COVID19)

Shoot us an email at if you're interested in getting a pair of Custom In-Ear Monitors!