Hearing Protection

For Convenient Hearing Protection in Loud Environments
Stealth Sonics is bringing to you its range of noise protectors called Melodi Budz. Licensed through its audiology company MyEar, the Melodi Budz provide up to 20 dB attenuation to ensure you are protected in all noisy environments.
Our Melodi Budz are certified to ensure that they consistently provide up to 20dB attenuation while not affecting the speech frequencies so that you can hear your loved ones without the danger of loud noises in the background.
Losing your hearing? Losing hearing of high frequencies? Experiencing ring in the ears? All these are becoming more common as we live in an increasingly noisy world. If you are an audio professional, musician or audiophile, protecting your hearing is a key priority and our Melodi Budz is the tool you need to protect your hearing.
Our Melodi Budz come in universal and custom ranges to be tailored to your needs.