Vulcan Gaming In-Ears

  • Ultra light(4grams) for longer gaming
  • High definition sound for richer gaming powered by 2 drivers
  • High noise isolation for immersive gaming (-26dB)



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The Vulcan Advantage

Game Better

  • 2 drivers per side for High definition sound
  • Custom tuned for Improved spatial awareness
  • Enhanced noise isolation for ultimate game immersion
  • Improved communication with uni-directional cardiod mic

Game Longer

  • Ultra light (4.16grams) for comfort and long use
  • Built-in hearing protection to support long use

Game Better

Vulcan helps you improve your game with its high-quality dual custom tuned drivers. So you'll hear every gameplay detail, be able to pinpoint where sound is coming from in the game, improve your spatial awareness and reaction time.

Our In-Ear design ensures high noise isolation, so that environmental noises are kept to a minimum, and you can experience full immersion. With -26dB isolation you will be able to tune out of your room and into the game fully.

Game Longer

At just 4.16 grams per side, our IEMs are some of the lightest in the world, such that they can be worn for your marathon gaming sessions without fatigue.

The Vulcan also comes with built-in pressure release valves which we call Klarity valves that help protect your hearing. This allows for excess pressure to be released from the ear canal that often contributes to discomfort and long-term damage to hearing.

Game Like A God

Stealth Sonics in-ears are used by Grammy winning audio engineers, audio professionals, musicians and now gamers globally. When you use a Stealth Sonics in-ear you join the growing movement of people who invest in good audio gear that don’t just sound good but protects their hearing too. Below are some of the global names that use our in-ears.

Walk Off the Earth

Marc Urselli, Grammy winning Engineer

Warren Huart, Platininum Producer for James Blunt, Aerosmith

Thai Long Ly, Post Modern Jukebox Recording Engineer


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About Vulcan & Stealth Sonics

Our Gaming In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) are inspired by their namesake, Vulcan. Vulcan is the Roman God of Fire, blacksmith to the Gods, and the patron of craftsmen. At Stealth Sonics, we pride ourselves in superior craftsmanship, attention to detail and a deep love of gaming. We designed the vulcan specifically for gaming, so that you get IEMs that look and sound amazing at the reasonable price.

Technical Specifications

  • 2 Drivers:
  • 1x Dynamic 10mm,
  • 1x Balanced Armature
Boom Microphne 11mm Uni-Directional Condenser Boom Microphone(Bendable & Detachable)
  • Quad braided copper & silver plated
  • 3.5mm Audio output
  • Compatible: PC, PlayStation, XBOX; and selected cell phones
Isolation -26 dB Isolation
Frequency Response 18Hz to 20kHz
Impedance 16 Ohms @ 1kHz
Weight / Pressure Release
  • 4.16 grams per side
  • 1-way Klarity Valve
Warranty 1 year

What’s In The Box

  • Vulcan In-Ear
  • Cable with boom mic
  • 7 Pairs of Ear Tips
  • Hard Carry Case
  • 1 year warranty card

Vulcan Gaming In-Ears

Game Better, Game Longer, Game Like A God



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